Passionate Arborists

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Mike and the team

Owner Mike Daws is a passionate arborist who holds a genuine love of trees. He is qualified both as a practising arborist (AQF level 3), and as a consulting arborist (AQF level 5). Mike is also qualified under the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment framework (QTRA), to conduct formal risk assessment reporting whenever a tree poses a concern.

The company name reflects the core nature of our work, which involves climbing and working at heights, and managing the safe rigging required when conducting tree works. Mike’s other time-consuming passion sees him spending time amongst the many cliff faces of the Blue Mountains, climbing rock instead of trees.

Aerialist Tree Services employs a small team of dedicated professionals, all qualified as level 3 practising arborists. As everyone on the team is an experienced tree climber, work progresses smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Mike is available to provide a range of arboricultural consulting services, from DA impact assessments, root mapping, hazard and risk assessments, structural / health assessments and recommendations, as well as aerial inspections, pet and drone retrieval…

We are ready to attend to your tree needs!