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Is my tree sick or dying? Can it be saved? Does it need pruning? Is it dangerous? Does it need to be removed? …These are some of the many questions that people can have, and of course we haven’t all been trained to know how to answer them. This lack of training can sometimes include a ‘tree lopper’ - who earns a living cutting down trees. Be careful when taking advice from someone who's livelihood depends on cutting a tree. Pruning or removal is not always necessary or the best option.

Mike is a qualified consulting arborist (AQF level 5) who understands tree physiology and tree body language. With a background climbing and working in trees in the Blue Mountains, Mike is familiar with the range and behaviour of the natives and exotics that are growing here. Mike prefers to retain trees whenever possible, and can diagnose health, pest and disease, and structural issues, and offer a plan for remediation.